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Clix Golden

Started by Admin Jul 01st, 2019 at 15:43
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Admin (Admin)
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We are online since 19th Jan.
From that date to present day, we are studing the needs of our members.

For that reason we decide creat the best membership that fill the needs of our members at the present time.
Our Members like to invite friends and advertise their referral link into other sites.

We creat Clix Golden Membership.
Clix golden Membership is a Membership with 365 days long and with good advantages to our members.

Our Members can earn 120% click comission from all ads displayed on our ads page.
With Clix Golden, you can have ilimited direct referrals.
With Clix Golden you can have 500 rented referrals.
Earn 5 Points for new direct referral.
Earn 2$ comission for direct referral upgrade comission.
Earn 10% for Direct referral ad purchase comission
Earn 10% comission from offers4all direct referral earnings
Max Withdraw is 50$ and can be requested for each 5 days.

This Cool Membership, can be purchased for only 50$.

Best regards
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Clix Standard
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hello admin This is very Cool Membership
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