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Those sites are Scam

Started by Admin Dec 04th, 2020 at 23:07
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Admin (Admin)
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Dear Members This Section is to warning you about Scam websites.

Scam websites , are sites that will take your money, and your personal information.

Such sites can hack your personal records and take your passwords, email etc.

Do not sign up on such websites.

The following examples , have been added to warning you about it.
Normaly and ocasionaly there are spammers on our forum that like or think that they can fool you

Best regards
Clix Golden
Posts: 332
thanks for guide
Clix Standard
Posts: 18
Thanks Admin for this explanation...Zokac960.......
Clix Golden
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Thank you for your informations and explainations about those sites .

Have a nice day!


Keep singing this chorus, my dear friends...
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