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Guide Lines, how to earn

Started by skywalker Jan 17th, 2019 at 14:17
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skywalker (Admin)
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Clixtoyou follow members,

On Clixtoyou, you can earn money whith several options.

1- Members can click on the advertisements displayed on the advertisements page.Each advertisement have a specified value, that will be credit on the member acount balance.

2- PTSU OFFERS , are tasks whith instructions set by the advertisers, members need to complete those tasks.After that and if all is completed,the Ptsu offer will be aproved by the advertiser and the value will be credited on acount balance of each Clixtoyou member.

3 - Offerwalls, are Programs from 3rd parties implemented on our site.Some of them have Ptc ads advertisements like we have on our advertisements page and some of Offerwalls also have Surveys.
Surveys are tasks most of them are inquerements to statistics sites.
Surveys are the most rewarded and profitable to members.

4 - Clicks and upgrade comissions ,you can earn click comissions from your referrals and the value will depend of your membership.
You can rent referrals from our referrals pool, that will have the best filter, to garantee profits to you.On Clixtoyou, our rent referrals pool are members just like you , we can´t control human activitiy, but our filters colect the best referrals that you can find on Clixtoyou.Turn the autopay ON is also our advice.

5 - Direct Referrals, you can have a specifie number of direct referral it depends of your membership,direct referrals are members just like you that sign up under your referral link point (6 ).You can Earn big upgrade comissions :

Clix Standard Members - 0.25$ for each direct referral upgrade.

Clix Golden Members - 2$ for each direct referral upgrade.

Clix Mega Members - 2$ for each direct referral upgrade.

Clix Business Members - 3$ for each direct referral upgrade.

Clix Superior Members - 5$ for each direct referral upgrade.

Clix Ultimate Members - 6$ for each direct referral upgrade.

6 - Rented Referrals, you can have a specifie number of rented referrals it depends of your membership,rented referrals are members just like you that you can rent and make them work for you.If you are a standard Member we strongly advice that you turn autopay ON, on your rent referrals page.That´s because as a standard member you are having 80% of referrals click comission.On your acount dashboard, we update a link where you can see Rented Referrals prices and discounts for all memberships. Click Here to see prices and discounts

7 - Referral link, you can advertise your referral link that is provided on your personal acount.Advertise your referral link on all the internet pages you can find.Advertise in other Ptc sites, advertise on your blog,on your site, on your facebook, instagram on rotator pages.You will have direct referrals that will be yours for all life time.

8 - Memberships, upgrade your acount and earn more, is no need deposits.Is all about your efforts and work on our site.
You can see the beneficts : Here .

Good earning for all of you.

Best Regards

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