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Payment pending

Started by mavira Sep 25th, 2021 at 10:24
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Clix Standard
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Dear Admin
I claim to withdrawn the payment on 17.09.2021 but till now it is in pending. Please support me to receive the payment.

Thanking You

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Clix Golden
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Like the annoucement the Payment Schedules for this website by admins Which are 6,16 and 26th of the month.

So in your case, you will certainly get your payment on 26th September.

Good luck to you and all members of the great website.

Have a great day !

Keep singing this chorus, my dear friends...
Clix Standard
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that's correct as mmo90 says you must be patient
Clix Standard
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Check payment schedule
Admin (Admin)
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We do not know , why people still can,t see the Payment terms.
There is on Payment Proof page.
On members dashboard.
On Faq page
On Terms of service.
As you can see your payment was processed on day 26 acording our payment rules

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