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OfferWalls History ( Update )

Started by Art3mis Apr 01st, 2020 at 02:30
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Clix Standard
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Dear Respected Admin.
I Request to Kindly PROVIDE OfferWalls' History Too (Like MANY Other PTC-Sites), Where EVERY DAY's/Month's EARNINGS are Also Shown Alongwith Clicked-STATUS of Respective OfferWall

Thnx. in Advance
BEST Regards!
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Admin (Admin)
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ThankĀ“s for sharing your opinion.
But we allways try to keep the privacy of our members as our priority .
Hope you understand.

Best regards
Admin (Admin)
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We made a update, regarding Offerwalls History.

After today you can check your completed offers here : Offerwall History

Best regards
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