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Rented Referrals Strategy

Started by Admin Apr 10th, 2020 at 00:05
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Admin (Admin)
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We just made this topic, to help members Earn some income with our rented referral System.

Our Upgrade Board beneficts, and what it means.

Rented Referrals Prices and discounts

As You see , we offer discount for Extend your referrals for 90,180 and 360 days.

1 Rented referral cost 0.20$ every Month , but if you extend for 90 days will cost with discount 0.19$.
1 Rented referral cost 0.20$ every Month , but if you extend for 180 days will cost with discount 0.18$.
1 Rented referral cost 0.20$ every Month , but if you extend for 360 days will cost with discount 0.17$.

The Examples above are for Standard Membership, Clix Golden and Clix Business.

Now , autopay.What is autopay?

Autopay is essencial for standard members and Memberships in general.
With autopay turned ON , is the only way to get profit, Special as a Standard Member.

We will give you here a example :
The cost to rent a referral is 0.20$ Monthly.
If Your rented referral generate 0.0048$ daily , then at the end of the Month you will get 0.144$.
You will lose money, because it cost 0.20$ , and at the end of the Month you will not have funds to renew again that referral for more 30 days.
That´s Why For standard Members Autopay enable is important.

The Cost of autopay is 0.0045$ , daily .
It means each day your referral start clicking, 0.0045$ will be discounted from your purchase balance and that referral will be extended for more one day.
-> (0.0045$ x 30 days) = 0.135$. You don´t need to extend for more 30 days, because the autopay extended one more day from the date that you enable it.
The profit you will have is (0.144$ - 0.135$ ) = 0.009$ Monthly with one referral.
With 25 Rented Referrals (0.009$ x 25 ) = 0.225$ .

That Was a example for standard members.
If Our Members Want to earn more , then There is Upgrade Option :

As you can see, the click comission is 80,120% Acording The memberships avaiable.

Now A example for Clix Golden Membership with 120% click Comission.

If Your referral Generate 0.0075$ Daily at the end of the month you will get 0.225$.
100 Rented referrals will Generate 22.50$.
100 Rented referrals cost 20$ , so you will have 2.50$ Profit.
You allways earn more With The autopay enable.
On Clix Golden Membership the autopay is 0.006$ daily , it means that at the end of the month will be 0.18$.
If Your referral generate 0.225$ monthly then your profit will be ( 0.225$ - 0.18$) = 0.04$ with one referral.
With 100 Referrals will be 4$.

This was a example with Statistics that we are having ,can be less or can be more.
The important thing, is that the autopay is allways important.

Important also is the recycle option.Use allways this option to not lose your referral.

If Your rented referral stop clicking for 3 days or more , then you need to recycle him.
A new referral will replace the inactive one, and you will keep a active worker.

We hope this will help on the strategy.
Members on this section, can open topics with their own strategy and help each other.

Best regards

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