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Deposit Promotion

Started by Admin Dec 27th, 2019 at 00:05
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Admin (Admin)
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We have prepared a Deposit offer for this Special date.

Deposit Christmas promotion :

Deposit from 5$ to 50$ and have 5% bonus to purchase Balance.
Deposit from 51$ to 100$ and have 10% bonus to purchase Balance.
Deposit from 101$ to 500$ and have 15% bonus to purchase Balance.
Deposit from 501$ to 1000$ and have 20% bonus to purchase Balance.

After your deposit we will update your acount soon as possible.

This offer is active till day 28th December 00.00 server time.

This Promotion was ended

Happy Christmas and Happy new year :)

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Admin (Admin)
Posts: 247

Today 28th till 00.00 server time,
Last day to take the chance of getting the Bonus

A nice day to all ;)
Clix Standard
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Nice Deposit Promotions
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