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Advertise without Iframe

Started by Admin Mar 28th, 2020 at 22:26
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Admin (Admin)
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For Advertisers On clixtoyou,
Now is possible advertise your page without iframes.
Now you can advertise your page, website, youtube chanel , facebook page, sites that not support iframe advertisements.

For Members there is a new way how to watch ads and be rewarded :

1 - Click on the Admin advertisement to unlock the advertisements page

2 - Click on the advertisement

3 - Click on visit

4 - A new Window will open without iframe .

5 - A counter will start under the buttom visit , do not close the New Window (4) till the counter ends.

6 - You can close the New window , click on - Your link was validated.

Best regards
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Congrats Admin
Admin (Admin)
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Quote: Ufuko
Congrats Admin

ThankĀ“s my Friend

Have a nice day ;)

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